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By T. Scarabino, U. Salvolini, F. Di Salle, H. Duvernoy, P. Rabischong

This twin atlas goals at illustrating the anatomy of the mind and its visual appeal on MR photos utilizing an easy and potent mode of presentation. Following an introductory bankruptcy, ''Comprehensive anatomy of the human brain'', the e-book is split right into a morphological and a practical imaging part. The morphological atlas provides 3D floor pictures via high-definition MR sections got within the axial, coronal, and sagittal planes. The MR pictures are paired with the corresponding anatomical photographs to permit their medical correlation. The useful atlas comprises illustrative MR pictures exhibiting cortical activation in quite a few practical parts (including the auditory, motor, visible, and language areas).

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SURFACE IMAGES 25 C46a C42a C67 C64 C4 C5 C84 C69 C44 C85 C6 C68 C45 C42 C43 C46b C10 C32 C66 C51 C22b C87 C78 C24b C22a C22 C12 C7 C77 C86 C24c C11b C11c C50a C50b C3 C70 C42b C11 C2 C22 C89 C88 C32 C11a C79 C24 C25 C33 C26 C76 26 Mesial view SURFACE IMAGES SURFACE IMAGES 27 C44 C72 C5 C72 C19 C19 C93 C92 C23 C15 C13 SC10 C94 C58 C23a C23c C82 C23b C74 SC29 C58a SC14 SC28 C54 C74b SC7 C60 C74a C47 SC8 SC11 C81 CE1d C59 C88 C48 SC15 TC1 C89 CE1c TC4 TC2 CE1b CE1e CE1g C56 SC12 TC20 CE1f CE1a TC15 CE1h TC14 TC19 CE1 CE1j CE1i CE1o CE1mCE1k CE1l TC34 CE1n CE2 TC30 TC24 CE2f 28 Mesial view SURFACE IMAGES SURFACE IMAGES 29 C71 C72 C19 C19 C5 C93 C18 C23 C92 SC10 C58 C23b C23c SC14 SC7 SC8 C54 C47 TC1 SC11 C15 C73 SC15 TC2 TC5 C48 C13 C56 TC3 SC12 H3 C21 C49 C55 C28 C35 H2 H4 C27 C23a C26 C94 C18 C74 C74a C82 C81 C83 C80 C79 C76 C74b 30 Superior view SURFACE IMAGES SURFACE IMAGES 31 C1 C4 C6 C11 C5 C42a C43 C44 C45 C46a C19 C64 C67 C70 C77 C78 32 Inferior view SURFACE IMAGES SURFACE IMAGES 33 C3 C8 C14 C29 C7 C17 C16 C9 C21 C20 C22 C13 C24 C56 C57 C61 SC12 SC15 C25 H15 C26 C34 C27 H16 C28 C35 TC4 TC3 TC20 TC14 TC39 CE2a TC22 TC41 TC21 TC30 C22 TC42 TC24 TC28 TC25 TC26 CE2e CE2a CE1c 35 AXIAL CUTS In the following pages (36–59), high definition T2-W FSE axial MR cuts (left) are compared with “traditional” anatomical cuts (right).

See the jacket flap for anatomical references. 36 AXIAL CUTS TC47 TC24 CE2e CE2f CE1e CE2d TC26 TC19 AXIAL CUTS 37 TC14 TC39 TC40 TC41 TC42 TC30 TC26 TC25 TC24 CE2f CE2e CE1n CE2d TC22 38 AXIAL CUTS TC14 CE2f CE2c CE1n TC21 AXIAL CUTS 39 TC39 TC14 TC40 TC42 TC22 CE2e TC22 TC41 TC25 TC26 TC8 TC24 TC19 CE2f CE1l CE2d 40 AXIAL CUTS TC51 TC14 TC41 e 42 TC23 TC22 TC19 CE1n CE2h CE2b AXIAL CUTS 41 TC14 TC42 TC39 TC21 TC41 CE2g TC24 TC14 TC22 CE2f CE2c CE1n CE2h TC39 TC16 TC50 TC8 TC14 TC22 TC23 TC19 CE1o CE1n CE2b CE1f CE2h 42 AXIAL CUTS C24 TC51 TC14 TC8 TC18 TC19 CE1c CE1d CE2b AXIAL CUTS 43 C24 C24 C25 C28 C26 C27 TC50 TC16 TC39 TC14 TC8 CE2a TC22 TC19 TC18 CE1c CE2h CE1d CE2b 44 AXIAL CUTS C13 C9 C24 H1 C25 TC3 H5 TC11 C35 C76 C81 C78 C89 AXIAL CUTS 45 C8 C7 C14 C9 C13 C20 C24 C22 C32 C21 C56 C25 H1 C31d SC15 H5a TC3 TC5 C28 TC11 C35 C26 C35 C76 C81 C80 C83 C79 C81 C89 46 AXIAL CUTS C14 C13 C9 C20 C24 C25 C61 TC5 TC6 SC14k TC10 H5 C26 C81 C78 C82 C89 AXIAL CUTS 47 C3 C8 C13 C7 C15 C9 C22 C24 C47 C32 SC61 SC11 C25 H1 SC15 TC3 TC5a SC2b TC5b H8 TC6 C25 C31d H5 C28 C35 C81 C83 C26 C81 C78 C82 C89 C57 C61 SC11 SC15 TC4 TC3 TC5 TC6 TC8 SC14j SC14k TC1 TC2 TC10 48 AXIAL CUTS C8 C5 C18 C22 C30 C24 C39 C58a SC19 TC3 C25 SC8 SC14l H5b C96 C31b C74a C78 C81 C74 C82 AXIAL CUTS 49 C8 C7 C5 C18 C22 C24 SC1 SC2a C39 SC3 C32 C58a SC7 SC19 TC3 TC6 SC14k SC14s C25 H5b C96 C73 C31b C74a C81 C78 C31c C74 C74b C82 C89 50 AXIAL CUTS C5 C10 C11b C22a SC2a C39 SC5a SC3 C24 C58 C38 SC5c SC14c C65 SC14l C23c C25 C94 C74 C78 C77 AXIAL CUTS 51 C6 C5 C10 C18 C11b C31a C23 C22a SC1 C11c SC2a SC10 C39 SC5a C22 C58 SC5b SC3 SC4a C24 SC14a SC5c C38 SC14c SC14d SC14l C32 C58b C96 C25 C23c C31c C18 C94 C74 C78 C86 C82 C77 52 AXIAL CUTS C4 C6 C5 C11b C23 C31a C22a SC2a C43 SC3 C38 C44 C45 SC14e C58 C22 C31b C23c C24 C93 C94 C78 C86 C77 AXIAL CUTS 53 C4 C5 C6 C11b C18 C22a C31a C23 C11c C42b SC2a SC24 C43 C44 SC5c SC14a C45 SC14i C38 SC14e C58 SC2b C58b C22 C23c C31b C18 C24 C93 C32 C94 C78 C86 C82 C77 54 AXIAL CUTS C5 C19 C6 C18 C43 C44 C45 C69 C19 C93 C70 C67 AXIAL CUTS 55 C5 C4 C6 C5 C11 C19 C42b C18 C43 C44 C45 C18 C69 C92 C22 C69 C93 C32 C64 C70 C70 C67 56 AXIAL CUTS C5 C4 C6 C19 C42a C43 C45 C18 C44 C19 C69 C64 C70 C67 AXIAL CUTS 57 C5 C4 C6 C19 C43 C18 C44 C45 C19 C18 C69 C19 C64 C70 C70 C67 58 AXIAL CUTS C5 C4 C6 C42a C43 C44 C72 C45 C44 C46a C19 C93 AXIAL CUTS 59 C5 C6 C5 C42a C71 C43 C44 C72 C45 C46a C19 C93 C67 61 CORONAL CUTS In the following pages (62–83), high definition T2-W FSE coronal MR cuts (left) are compared with “traditional” anatomical cuts (right).

See the jacket flap for anatomical references.

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