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By Rene Goscinny, Visit Amazon's Albert Uderzo Page, search results, Learn about Author Central, Albert Uderzo,

The governor of Gaul has continuously been a “creative” accountant. Now he’s below research by means of Vexatius Sinusititis—or he was once, until eventually anyone poisons the investigator. so that it will heal Vexatius, Asterix and Obelix trigger to find a distinct flower that grows in basic terms in Helvetia.

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McGaffrey, right next door, had inhabited the place alone. She’d had a husband once, but he had died in an accident at the lumberyard, a year before we’d turned up. And, since then, she’d had not so much as a relative drop around for coffee. But we could barely communicate with the outside world at all, so how’d he managed to arrange that? Did he have some kind of special gift? If so, it struck me as bizarre. I was still doing my level best to hide my astonishment. I wasn’t sure how exactly. But somehow, this guy had managed to worm his way in here.

Innumerable buttresses. There was a broad, low cupola—in the roof—that seemed to have no purpose whatsoever. And more wings than a swarm of dragonflies. Woodard Raine’s great-grandfather designed the place himself. So it’s possible insanity always did run in the family. The gates—both of them topped with a curlicued R—were wide open. In fact, they were rusted into that position. He doesn’t exactly look after the place, our Woodard, and his sole employee was Hampton here. But the Rolls could only take me to the start of the broad driveway, and no further.

I squinted at it hard. And couldn’t quite believe what I was seeing. The thing had Nevada plates. Which couldn’t possibly be right. My face went stiff and my pulse bumped over. As I watched, a squat young man with shaggy hair got out. He went to the trunk, and hefted a massive, battered suitcase into view. I think my mouth must have dropped open at that point. This was obviously someone who was planning to stay awhile. Which was something that never happened here. No one ever came here, unless they absolutely had to.

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