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By Martha T. Roth

Assyrian Dictionary of the Oriental Institute of the college of Chicago, quantity thirteen, Q edited by way of Martha T Roth xxiv + 332p (Oriental Institute, 1982)

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DuGAB = MIN (= ka-na-ku) d d4-bi-e Antagal H (=VII) 3; du-u GAB =Ad-bu-ud [TtrGl AVIII/1 :137 (coll. C. B. F. Walker). lected JCS 24 46 No. 3:7. Probably fem. pl. of a *§abfu adj. , ebii, and lub. Aab A see sabsu. ; (mng. * gabuitu see 6absutu. ] [EDIN] = ,a-a-bu-um A VII/4:81. §abfi (Sabiu) adj. ); (mng. ); OB, SB. 0 8amag, I am placing pure cedar (wood) into my mouth, I tie it for you in a lock of my hair alakkankum ina sunija Sa-bi-am erenam emsi pija u qdtija akpur pija ina §a-bi-im erenim asnip erenam ellam ina itiq pirtija altabakku §a-bi-am' erenam I am placing a ....

In receipts or distributions of commodities) OIP 14 144 r. S (among servants of (the temple of) Enki) MAD 5 56 r. AL. 2 pi. edu §abrQ A gabra and the .... J. P. Gregoire Archives administratives sum6riennes 130f. ) and Gelb in Lipiniski Economy 16. AL 6:33, 21:12. A PN mdrSu §a BRM 1 85:15, also TCL 12 Loanword from Sumerian, which itself borrowed the word from Akkadian Idpiru. AL) is to be read Aabra (contrast aklu A disc. section), ratherthan 6dpir biti. A §a gagim, and PA. ; note moreover that Sin-belaplim, the PA.

Til. til(var. bar = fa(vars. Sd, Sab)bi-tu(var. du s = gabbi-tu, muheLS2, murtappidu ZA 9 162 iii 14ff. ). a see beru B and mu'irru. MU lab-ba-su-ti LKA 60 r. 5, see Ebeling Handerhebung 140, also musallim iii [u il]tari§ab-ba-su-i-ti AnSt Aabbu 30 105:28 (Ludlul I). ; (qualifying beer); NB. ) and that there is no crack, leak, or hole in (any of) the vats Nbn. 600:6, also (in similar context) put 4d-ab-bi u harqu na?! Evetts Ner. 14:10. In TMPS (= Limet M6tal) 26 3 SMN 2559:9 read ma-za-zu, see Civil, RA 70 95.

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