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By Patricia J. Armati, Chris R. Dickman, Ian D. Hume

The final 20 years have obvious many intriguing discoveries resulting in major advancements in our figuring out of marsupial biology. Marsupials are rising as version organisms in experiences of lifestyles heritage evolution, getting old and senescence, intercourse choice and the advance and regeneration of the worried approach. This quantity offers a synthesis of modern advancements in marsupial biology, bringing jointly wisdom presently scattered througout the first literature.

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Fragments of DNA can then be pieced together in new combinations; for instance mammalian DNA can be spliced into ‘vector’ DNA from a bacterium (or virus, or yeast) to make a continuous recombinant DNA molecule. Thus pieces of human, or mouse, or kangaroo DNA can be inserted into a small circular genome. The beauty of this strategy is that the recombinant molecule, insert and all, continues to be replicated by the unsuspecting bacterium, and billions of identical copies of it can be recovered from the colony (‘clone’) of bacteria descended from the original bacterial cell.

Australia began to physically separate from Antarctica about 100 mya but did not completely separate until sometime between 45 and 35 mya. Prior to and following isolation, the Australian marsupial radiation flowered, particularly in the early Miocene about 23–17 mya, before declining in family-level diversity (by 44%) to its present level. 20 The evolution and classification of marsupials Biological implications But what does the marsupial tree mean for biologists who are not professionally interested in phylogeny or biogeography?

If this interpretation is correct, ordinal diversification of marsupials may have taken place over a relatively short time span and as a consequence may have generated too few molecular features during this interval. Similarly, the elapse of time and rapid evolutionary change may have erased, ‘overprinted’ or blurred much of the anatomical evidence that would otherwise be required for confident resolution of interordinal diversification. Even so, molecular and morphological results to date have important implications for the timing and geographic course of marsupial evolution.

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