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By David Hitchcock, Bart Verheij

Within the makes use of of Argument (1958), Stephen Toulmin proposed a version for the structure of arguments: declare, info, warrant, qualifier, rebuttal, backing. because then, Toulmin’s version has been appropriated, tailored and prolonged by way of researchers in speech communications, philosophy and synthetic intelligence. This ebook assembles the easiest modern mirrored image in those fields, extending or not easy Toulmin’s principles in ways in which make clean contributions to the speculation of analysing and comparing arguments.

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But first, it is worth remarking on the distribution. It is unusual today even for a philosopher to have lead publications that are all books. This is consistent with our understanding of Toulmin as that special kind of academic who can make a career on a few deeply considered and generously crafted publications. He is clearly an academic of a purer time, when writing was a valued part of authorship. In short, Toulmin wrote books, not articles, and there are few pure academics who can afford that luxury today.

The intervention of chance into human affairs creates a deliberative space where risks can be appraised and evaluated, their consequences anticipated and hedged. Type I cases emerge when a deliberation draws upon a single field to make a case for taking a chance; Type II cases emerge when multiple fields are in play, offering something less than fully commensurable reasons. Traditional views of practical reason acknowledge that chance intervenes into human affairs. There are three elements that always accompany portrayals of the goddess Tyche (luck for the Greeks) and Fortuna (fortune for the Romans).

TOULMIN Another debt which will come as more of a surprise is to Lenin. Lenin in his Materialism and Empirio-Criticism argues that this preoccupation with formalism at all costs is a way of distracting the intelligent young from social problems, to the extent that higher education is a way of reinforcing the prejudices of the existing order and so, as Allan Bloom misguidedly called it, achieving “the closing of the American mind”. 2. RECEPTION OF THE USES OF ARGUMENT That said, when I wrote The Uses of Argument, the last thing I thought I was doing was producing a theory of rhetoric.

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