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Who hasn't questioned what it really is wish to be a puppy or chicken? Such questions look unanswerable simply because we haven't any manner of having into an animal's brain. Marc Bekoff's paintings on animal habit and brain attracts world-wide recognition for its originality and its probing into what animals could recognize in addition to what talents (mental and actual) are had to dwell existence effectively as a member of a selected species. confident that people of each species have a few point of self-awareness, Bekoff embarks on interesting (and usually a laugh) observations of animals taking part in, leaving and detecting scent-marks, fixing difficulties, and behaving particularly towards one another. Animal Passions and Beastly Virtues brings jointly a few of his path-breaking study papers, essays on technological know-how and ethics, and renowned articles in an effort to demonstrate a striking diversity of animal behaviors but in addition to argue that the moral remedy of animals is a particularly major problem now.

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For perhaps three minutes, the two southern right whales lay sideby-side, ejecting water through their blow holes. The cetaceans then swam off, touching, surfacing and diving in unison. As he watched, Bernd Würsig of Texas A&M University became convinced that Butch and Aphro were developing a powerful mutual bond. Could this be leviathan love? That’s a controversial question. Biologists disagree about the nature of emotions in nonhuman animals, and especially whether they consciously experience their emotions.

BIRDS DO IT Bees may not do it, but birds certainly seem to. Ravens fall in love, according to renowned biologist Bernd Heinrich from the University of Vermont, Burlington, who has studied and lived with these birds for many years. ” In many animals, including southern right whales, romantic love seems to develop during courtship and mating. Often this is protracted, with both 38 CHAPTER ONE parties performing rituals that take time and energy and can be risky. It is as if they need to prove their worth to each other before consummating their relationship.

She describes a young male showing off by swinging on a sapling in front of a dominant male. When the branch snapped, the youngster fell head first into long grass. He then turned to check that his fall had not been spotted, climbed another tree and began feeding. Another noted primatologist, Marc Hauser from Harvard University, has observed embarrassment in a rhesus monkey. After copulating, the male strutted away and accidentally fell into a ditch. Hauser recounts how the monkey stood up and quickly looked around.

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