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By Aina Julianna Gulya

Targeted wisdom of the advanced microanatomy of the temporal bone is vital for surgeons executing invasive healing strategies. in keeping with the human temporal bone assortment on the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary, this lavishly illustrated 3rd variation contains a DVD delivering 159 full-color photomicrographs and side-by-side 3D stereo pictures for split-screen viewing of ordinary and irregular displays of the human temporal bone.

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All three turns of the cochlea are seen. Note that the apex of the cochlea points laterally, anteriorly, and inferiorly, and lies medial to the cochleariform process. The saccular branch of the inferior vestibular nerve passes to the cribrose area. The tensor tympani muscle and tendon are fully exposed. (Comparable to Fig. 11 on p. ) CHAPTER 1: SERIAL PHOTOGRAPHS OF SECTIONS OF THE TEMPORAL BONE ■ 25 Figure 42 The conical shape of the pars tensa is evident. The stapedius tendon attaches to the head of the stapes.

1). Anteriorly, the tragus delimits the concha as it extends over the orifice of the external auditory canal. Superiorly and posteriorly the concha is bounded by the anthelix and its anterior crus. The inferior extent of the concha is determined by the antitragus, which is separated from the anthelix posteriorly by the posterior auricular sulcus, and from the tragus anteriorly by the intertragic incisura. The concha is partitioned at the crus of the helix into a superior cymba concha and an inferior cavum concha; the latter depression points to the meatus of the external auditory canal.

There are two additional depressions of note. As it curves anterosuperiorly, the anthelix bifurcates into two crura, between which lies a depression known as the triangular fossa. The scaphoid fossa is a trench-like groove separating the helix from the anthelix. Lop ears lack an anthelix, with the consequence that the helix assumes an outstanding position; therefore in a surgical correction an anthelix must be created. The medial aspect of the pinna is a negative relief model of the lateral aspect.

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