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Diagram 4-36 Triangle Page 63 Overload If (5) is not open, (1) breaks to the corner or short corner and the ball is moved around the overload triangles until (2) wishes to reset the offense. See Diagram 4-37. (2) does so by passing to the point (as to (3) in Diagram 4-38) and cutting down and across the lane to a position under (4). Versus zones, (2) does not screen for (1). Diagram 4-37 Overload Diagram 4-38 Change Sides (3) may then dribble toward the opposite side to key (4) to move up to the high post and (2) to cut to the wing.

A final note of thanks goes to my childrenMike and his wife, Diane; Patti and her husband, Ric; and Jim and his wife, Jeanneand my number one fans, my grandchildren, Shellee, Jamee, Mike, Shawn, and Walker. A special acknowledgment goes to Jerry Krause for his diligent efforts in helping me complete this book. , the X's and O's of the sport. All coaches are reminded that all individual and team basketball is dependent upon individual fundamental skills. You need to ensure that your players are fundamentally sound in order to be able to execute offenses and defenses.

Diagram 3-14 Diagram 3-15 Page 45 It is also a good change-up on this play for (2) to cut early and low off (3), as (5) is crossing the lane. See Diagram 3-16. From there, the basic pattern proceeds in its usual manner. See Diagram 3-17. Diagram 3-16 Early Shuffle Diagram 3-17 Weakside Dribble Entry Since the basic pattern is keyed with a weakside entry, it helps when the defense is denying the pass to utilize a dribble entry on that side. In Diagram 3-18, (1) cannot pass to (2) so (1) dribbles at (2), who clears across the lane.

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