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By Vivian Vande Velde

Fourteen-year-old Susan (or, as she prefers to be known as, Sybil) has been attempting to reinvent herself ever because the mysterious disappearance of her older sister, Alison. existence has been very complicated considering the fact that Alison left. Susan’s mom has turn into overly protecting, scared of wasting one other baby. Her new institution isn't all undesirable, after all, however it is varied and perplexing. Her ally, Connie, has what can be a tremendous inspiration — or even it has the makings of a catastrophe: in the event that they subscribe to the varsity play, they could prove with dates for the freshman dance. Readers will empathize with Susan’s try to make feel of her stressed global, the lack of her sister, a brand new college, turmoil at domestic, and the turning out to be pains of formative years. yet Susan, regardless of all, is still brilliant, humorous, and self acutely aware with the aid of a brand new and intelligently supportive stepfather and a full of life team of faculty buddies. the tale is plausible and touching and exceptional through the narrator’s voice.

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Get in, Connie says. If were late, all the good jobs will be taken, and well be left with clean-up. I get in, which is obviously a relief for Mrs. Miraglia. She starts the car moving practically before Ive got the door closed, so I cant change my mind. You two are going to have such a good time, she assures us. Then, once were safely out of the driveway and onto the street, she asks, Whats this play called again? Love in the Spotlight, Connie tells her. It was a Broadway musical or something. Never heard of it, Mrs.

I nap a lot, and I say things like, There was a lot of symbolism regarding the Nature of Man. Connies older sister says that she took film appreciation when she went to Mother of Sorrows and that they saw Great Expectations. I was going to suggest that they show it again this year so I wouldnt have to read it in English, but Connies sister claims the movie is even worse than the book. On the bus ride home, I finish my homework, and I feel so virtuous that before dinner I even read a chapter of Great Expectations.

She was whatever the grammar school equivalent of valedictorian is when she graduated from Susan B. Anthony School, and she was in all honors and accelerated courses at Lincoln High. What Mom means is Susans not as smart as Alison. Duuuh, I want to say, but I can walk and chew gum at the same time if I really concentrate. I wish I could see the expression on Wallys face as he answers, Exactly, because Mom backs down real quick. I cant believe I said that, she says. Give her a chance, Wally says.

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