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By Mark Adler

From the studies of the 1st edition:

"The goal of this e-book is to give an explanation for ‘how algebraic geometry, Lie conception and Painlevé research can be utilized to explicitly remedy integrable differential equations’. … one of many major merits of this ebook is that the authors … succeeded to offer the fabric in a self-contained demeanour with quite a few examples. hence it may be extensively utilized as a reference publication for lots of topics in arithmetic. In precis … an outstanding ebook which covers many attention-grabbing topics in glossy mathematical physics." (Vladimir Mangazeev, The Australian Mathematical Society Gazette, Vol. 33 (4), 2006)

"This is an intensive quantity dedicated to the integrability of nonlinear Hamiltonian differential equations. The publication is designed as a educating textbook and goals at a large readership of mathematicians and physicists, graduate scholars and pros. … The ebook presents many helpful instruments and strategies within the box of thoroughly integrable platforms. it's a useful resource for graduate scholars and researchers who prefer to input the integrability idea or to benefit interesting features of integrable geometry of nonlinear differential equations." (Ma Wen-Xiu, Zentralblatt MATH, Vol. 1083, 2006)

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Then X, the fundamental vector field corresponding to X, is a Poisson vector field. As a consequence, if for every g E G the map Xu : M ~ M is a Poisson morphism then all fundamental vector fields of the action are Poisson vector fields. Proof. 13), that the Leibniz property X [{F, G}] = {X[F], G} + {F, X[G]}, holds for any F, G E :F(M). The fact that Xexp(tX) is Poisson means that {F, G} o Xexp(tX) = {F o Xexp(tX), G 0 Xexp(tX)} · Therefore, X({F,G}] = -ddtit=O {F,G}oXexp(tX) d = dt lt=O {F 0 Xexp(tX)' G 0 Xexp(tX)} ~t lt=O F 0 Xexp(tX)' G} = { = {X[F],G} + {F,X[G]}, as we needed to show.

19) is invariant for all Hamiltonian flows. 18. Let (M, {·,·}),be a Poisson manifold and let V E X(M). , LvP = 0, where P denotes the bivector field that corresponds to {-, ·}. 17 states that all Hamiltonian vector fields are Poisson vector fields; however the converse needs not be true. 1]) one has that Poisson vector fields are 1-cocycles while Hamiltonian vector fields are 1-coboundaries. Poisson vector fields appear naturally in the context of group actions, as follows from the following proposition.

We suppose that r > 0 and we show the existence of coordinates (q1 ,p1 , z 1 ... 25) holds, where the functions rPkl are smooth (or holomorphic) and depend on z1, ... , Zn-2 only. The proof then follows by induction on r. Since r > 0 we may find a function Pl such that Xp1 (m) =I 0. 2) there exists a neighborhood V of m and a function Q1 on it, such that Xp 1 = 8~ 1 on V. Notice that { Q1, pi} = Xp 1 [ Ql] = ~ = 1. It follows that Xp 1 and Xq 1 define an integrable distribution of rank 2 on a neighborhood W of m: the vector fields Xp 1 and Xq 1 are independent on a neighborhood of m because they are independent at m, and the vector space spanned by these vector fields forms a Lie subalgebra of X (W) since [Xp 1 , Xq 1 ] = x{q~,pt} = x1 = o.

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