Algebraic Geometry

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By Spencer Bloch, Igor V. Dolgachev, William Fulton

Contents: V.A. Alexeev: Theorems approximately strong divisors on log Fano forms (case of index r >n - 2).- D. Arapura: Fano maps and primary groups.- A. Bertram, L. Ein, R. Lazarsfeld: Surjectivity of Gaussian maps for line bundles of huge measure on curves.- V.I. Danilov: De Rham advanced on toroidal variety.- I. Dolgachev, I. Reider: On rank 2 vector bundles with c21 = 10 and c2 = three on Enriques surfaces.- V.A.Iskovskih: in the direction of the matter of rationality of conic bundles.- M.M. Kapranov: On DG-modules over the De Rham complicated and the vanishing cycles functor.- G. Kempf: extra on computing invariants.- G. Kempf: powerful tools in invariant theory.- V.A. Kolyvagin: at the constitution of the Shafarevich-Tate groups.- Vic.S. Kulikov: at the primary staff of the supplement of a hypersurface in Cn.- B. Moishezon, M. Teicher: Braid crew procedure in complicated geometry, II: from preparations of traces and conics to cuspidal curves.- D.Yu. Nogin: Notes on unprecedented vector bundles and helices.- M. Saito: Hodge conjecture and combined factors II.- C. Seeley, S. Yau: Algebraic equipment within the learn of simple-elliptic singularities.- R. Smith, R. Varley: Singularity thought utilized to ***- divisors.- A.N. Tyurin: A mild generalization of the theory of Mehta- Ramanathan.- F.L. Zak: a few homes of twin forms and their purposes in projective geometry.- Yu.G. Zarhin: Linear irreducible Lie algebras and Hodge buildings.

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4). Therefore the inverse transformation which contracts the p r e - i m a g e o f X to an ordinary double point and contracts the both components lying over E to the components of a reducible conic, gives a standard conic bundle n': V' -~ S', where S' is obtained from S by blowing down E. If n -> 2, then the normal bundle ~ z / v = (91Pl(-n)(tg(91pl(-1). Let us blow up Z on V, and then blow up the inverse transform o f the curve X. The p r e - i m a g e X is a ruled surface IP ~xlP 1, which can be blown d o w n in another direction.

Thesis. Univ. of Mich. 1990. S. Kuloshov, A theorem on existence of exceptional bundles on surfaces of type K3, Izv. Akad. Is-a] Nauk SSSR, Ser. , 53, (1989), 363-378. N. Shepherd-Barron, Unstable vector bundles and linear systems on surfaces in characteristic p [re] (preprint). A. Verra, A short proof of tmirationality of ~5, lndagationes Mathematicae, 46 (1984), 339-355. D. thesis. In particular he verified this conjecture for all non-degenerate congruences of Kodaira dimension ;~ 2. Towards the problem of rationality of conic bundles.

4. about is a c o m p l e t e variety, (X,Y) theorem generalizing to the toroidal (see [2]). e. b) the limit filtration on Hodge filteration. Comment cohomology spaces structure. cohomology we assertion b). definition a weight of the pair consider (X,Y) this Hodge-Deligne algebraic this filtration just H (X(C),Y(C);C) By of any c o m p l e x From filtrations: Theorem on E~=E ); W coincides with the theorem ([3]) the v a r i e t y have a m i x e d Hodge structure consists of two and a Hodge filtration F.

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