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The Geometric Viewpoint: A Survey of Geometries

This survey textual content with a historic emphasis helps numerous varied classes. It comprises crew tasks related to using know-how or verbal/written responses. The textual content strives to construct either scholars' instinct and reasoning. it really is excellent for junior and senior point classes.

The Geometry of Jet Bundles

The aim of this e-book is to supply an creation to the idea of jet bundles for mathematicians and physicists who desire to examine differential equations, relatively these linked to the calculus of diversifications, in a contemporary geometric method. one of many subject matters of the publication is that first-order jets can be regarded as the normal generalisation of vector fields for learning variational difficulties in box idea, and such a lot of of the structures are brought within the context of first- or second-order jets, ahead of being defined of their complete generality.

Riemann surfaces by way of complex analytic geometry

This booklet establishes the fundamental functionality concept and intricate geometry of Riemann surfaces, either open and compact. some of the equipment utilized in the publication are variations and simplifications of tools from the theories of a number of advanced variables and intricate analytic geometry and could function very good education for mathematicians desirous to paintings in advanced analytic geometry.

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