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By Henry Dunant

The horrors witnessed by means of Dunant after the conflict of Solferino on June 24 1859 and his humanitarian attraction are the origins of the purple move movment.

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An armlet may also be worn by personnel enjoying neutrality but its issue shall be left to the military authorities. Both flag and armlet shall bear a red cross on a white ground. Art. 8 The implementing of the present Convention shall be arranged by the Commanders-in-Chief of the belligerent armies following the instructions of their respective Governments and in accordance with the general principles set forth in this Convention. Art. 9 The High Contracting Parties have agreed to communicate the present Convention with an invitation to accede thereto to Governments unable to appoint Plenipotentiaries to the International Conference at Geneva.

If the Prince of Isenburg, and thousands of other hapless warriors, had been raised sooner by compassionate hands from the wet and blood-stained earth on which they lay senseless, the Prince would not be suffering still today from wounds which became serious and dangerous during the hours when he lay there helpless. If his horse had not led to his being accidentally discovered among the dead, he would certainly have perished for lack of aid, as did many other wounded men, God's creatures like him, men whose deaths might mean just as much to their families as his death would have meant to his.

A large number of National Red Cross Societies were founded immediately after 1863-1864, and others later, as different conflicts broke out. The movement spread well beyond the frontiers of Europe, as is apparent from the fact that besides Red Cross Societies, Red Crescent and Red Lion and Sun* Societies, with corresponding emblems, were founded. At present, the Red Cross movement comprises 137 National Societies with about 250 million members. Moreover, there are 50 million young people between the ages of 10 and 18 in the Red Cross Youth Sections.

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