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By Will Eisner

“Eisner was once not just prior to his instances; the current instances are nonetheless catching as much as him.”—John UpdikeCalled “a masterpiece” through R. Crumb, A existence strength chronicles not just the nice melancholy but in addition the increase of Nazism and the unfold of socialist politics in the course of the depiction of the protagonist, Jacob Shtarkah, whose existential seek mirrored Eisner’s personal lifelong fight.

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12. Rosenblum (1977), Policewoman Effectiveness, Denver: Civil Service Commission and Denver Police Department. 13. Townsey (1980), National Information and Research Center on Women in Policing Performance Evaluations, Washington, DC: The Police Foundation. 14. Charles (1982), “Women in Policing: The Physical Aspects,” Journal of Police Science and Administration 10(2): 194–205. 15. Bass (1982), “Stress: A Woman Officer’s View,” Police Stress 5(1): 30–33. 16. Schwartz (1990), “Admitted but Not Accepted: Outsiders Take an Inside Look at Law School,” Berkeley Women’s Law Journal Annual 5:1–74.

Divorced women often do not have custody of their Women and justice 38 children, and when they leave the family, they cannot fulfill the important expectations for mothers in the education of their children. It is not unusual for women fleeing to shelters to leave their children with the husband, so that the children’s education and support system will not be disrupted. Moreover, the phenomenon of losing face is quite powerful. Although in recent years there is some amelioration of the stigma of being divorced, a divorced women still can experience a loss of social standing and shame.

Considering these findings, women’s role in the legal professions of some countries is best characterized as marginal. Before looking in more detail at these employment patterns, it should be noted that sex-typing within the legal profession of many countries cannot be attributed to any inherent nature of the work. This is demonstrated by the fact that in many countries women comprise a substantial portion of the very professions considered male domains by those who discriminate. For example, many former socialist countries in Eastern Europe, the former Soviet Union, and Cuba, made their mark by offering women work opportunities in this field.

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