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Eds) (1991) Ozone in Water Treatment – Application and Engineering. Cooperative Research Report. American Water Works Association Research Foundation: Company Générale des Eaux and Lewis Publisher, Chelsea, MI, ISBN: 0-87371-477-1. 19 Hoigné, J. and Bader, H. (1985) Rate constants of reactions of ozone with organic and inorganic compounds in water – III. Inorganic compounds and radicals. Water Research, 19, 993–1004. 20 Von Gunten, U. (2003) Ozonation of drinking water: Part II. Disinfection and by-product formation in presence of bromide, iodide or chlorine.

The Dutch scientist van Marum described the “odor of electricity” in 1785 in his experiments with electrical discharges in oxygen from the then-largest static electricity machine [1, 2]. However, it was not until 1839 that Schönbein, noting the smell at the anode of an electrolytic cell, postulated the production of a new substance as its source. He named it after the Greek word for smell “ozein”. Although the smell of lightening has been noted since ancient times, it was usually associated with sulfur until Schönbein identified the two smells as being one and the same in 1840.

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