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In addition to the Person and nurnbe r rnarkers which are always present, verbs rrray also be rnarked as dative, reciprocal, reflexive, and/or inst rurnental constructions . They may also be marked by the presence of rnode rnarkers, the object sPecifier, and auxiliaries. Syntactically, they are the last or the next-to-last elernent within a clause. Verbs are inflected for person, nurnber, and rnode. There are three persons (Ist, Znd, and 3 rd) and two nurnbers (singular and plura1). Although Dorsey occasionally glosses forrns as rdualr, there is no solid evidence in the corPus of a dual forrn in 54 Biloxi.

It is rnandatory for sterns beginning \rith lhl and optional for those beginning \rith ly I . , I ll "tll_ I "vllil , 43 Exarnple s: ll nk + Yeh2 + ll "t -+ "i ll /nkehoni/ 'I know' 117-5 -11 * hauti + xtill , lrrtauti xti/ 'I arn very i11' [l "r. k + YE t43 -zo -33 ypke rhe wishes to raise 143-11 tel rrlet 156-5 rwe are (standing)' 164-8 "t + hamaki ll -r /nkamakii rI corne frorn' 198b ll tk * hu + di ll , /nkudi/ ll + harnaki ll -+ f ayarnaki/ 'you pl. are (sitting)' ll "V ll hautill - layauti/ 'you are sickr "y * ll "y * Yeho l!

Kupani haye/ ha + ay + YEll + ll "" hay + I ca haye / ll 94-200 nk kiputt" ll + "v + + ll rg 'did you lose it? "y + ymhi ni ll + ll t"v + 1mx ni ll + /ka1mx ni/ 11. (8) Gl 'you do not thinkr I60-11 XV#Cy + XCy This optional rule deals with final vowel deletion in cornpound s. ll it"+ totoll -+ll l,rtotoll . xkoni6ka I cake + pockall 52-? * bottler = 206a + roundr = 'fist' -> lcakpocka/ 'hand z60b Rule 10 often leads to sorne unexPected clusters: a. gerninate s: raxe ll e"epi + poxkall . ll -+ /ayappasl/ 'bald b.

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