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By Woop Studios, Jay Sacher

This illustrated consultant compiles over 2,000 collective nouns and brings them to lifestyles in stunningly colourful, image art from the layout dynamos at Woop Studios. Chock-full of treasures of the English language, the range of phrases amassed the following covers issues from vegetation and animals (a parade of elephants, a humiliation of pandas) to humans and issues (a pomposity of professors, an exultation of fireworks) and variety from the wide-spread (a satisfaction of lions) to the downright imprecise (an ooze of amoebas). Pronunciations, definitions, etymologies, and old anecdotes make this gorgeous publication an unique learn, a standout reference, and a visible deal with. Language fans and paintings appreciators alike may be captivated through this gem, wealthy in observe and photo.

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Deal: distribuer, dispenser, affaire, traiter, transaction, bois blanc. dress: robe, habiller, vêtir, panser, s'habiller, revêtir, dresser, apprêter, habit, habillement, garnir. excessively: de manière excessive, de façon excessive, excessivement. friends: amis. hour: heure. lessons: leçons. loss: perte, préjudice, déperdition, affaiblissement, sinistre, déchet, atténuation. lot: lot, sort. nearly: presque, quasiment, à peu près, de manière près, de façon près. pays: paie, paye. seven: sept. silly: idiot, stupide, bête.

Books: livres. brought: apportas, apportâtes, apportâmes, apportai, apporta, apportèrent, apporté, amenai, amené, amenâtes, amenas. classical: classique. disappointed: déçu, trompai, trompâmes, trompas, trompâtes, trompèrent, déçûmes, trompa, trompé, déçurent, déçûtes. doubt: doute, douter. driven: conduit, poussé, pourchassé, piloté, actionné. garden: jardin, jardiner, faire du jardinage. horrid: horrible. luggage: bagage, colis, bagages. melodramatic: mélodramatique. metallic: métallique. omit: omettre, omettons, omettent, omettez, omets.

Pray open it at page fifteen. We will repeat yesterday's lesson. CECILY. ] But I don't like German. It isn't at all a becoming language. I know perfectly well that I look quite plain after my German lesson. MISS PRISM. Child, you know how anxious your guardian is that you should improve yourself in every way. He laid particular stress on your German, as he was French await: attendre, attends, attendons, attendent, attendez. basket: panier, corbeille, nacelle. chairs: chaises. covered: couvert. discovered: découvert, découvrîmes, découvrirent, découvris, découvrit, découvrîtes, dépouillai, dépouillèrent, dépouillé, dépouillâtes, dépouillâmes.

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