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Flandry whistled. "That's as eccentric as I can remember ever hearing of in a planet, if not more. " He saw a chance to appear less than a genius. "How can you survive? I mean, a good big axial tilt would protect one hemisphere, at least, from the worst effects of orbital extremes. " "Wrong," was Tryntafs foreseeable reply. "Atmosphere and hydrosphere moderate the climate to a degree; likewise location. Those markings you see are of biological origin, spores carried into the uppermost air. " No, wait, now you're acting too stupid.

Be warned, it won't be a long bit. " Her mouth twitched, but not in any smile. "I never realized such things mattered to you," she said uncertainly. Having been raised to consider idealism gauche, he shrugged. "They'd better. " "But if—" She leaned forward. " "I like to believe it. Why do you ask? " "That's what I mean. Suppose…Nicky, suppose, oh, something happens so Leon doesn't get to exploit Wayland. So nobody does. " "Depends on our lifespans, I'd guess, among other items. Maybe we'd see no change.

If robots were programed actually to attack humans, this close to where the great computer had been—We'll explore a wee bit further, regardless. Why not? A machine appeared. At first it was a glint on the horizon, metal reflecting Mimirlight. Traveling fast across the plain, it gained shape within minutes. Headed straight this way. And big! Flandry cursed. Half dragging Djana, he made for a house-sized piece of meteoritic stone. From its top, defense might be possible. The robot went past. Djana sobbed her thanks.

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