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By Yip Chun, Leung Ting

This an outstanding e-book for somebody who desires to examine the wood dummy ideas. The booklet has many photographs of Grandmaster Ip guy and Ip Chun. This ebook exhibits step-by-step of wood dummy innovations and their purposes.

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The former, whilst containing many aspects of severe ascesis, required before becoming, at the very least, lay-monks, a luxury that was open only to those of substantial rank. The second ‘way’ must have been more attractive. Rigorous hardships were commonplace to these men, the difficulty was having, perforce, to travel beyond the borders of their lord’s domain without any protection as masterless men, ro¯ nin, in order to train very hard and, often, to test their skills against redoubtable opponents they might encounter.

The Puyo¯-Yamato tribes formed the second wave led by warrior chieftains over the next seventy years, intent on carving out for themselves territories already farmed by the Yayoi, or ‘Yamatai’, some of whom were also originally from Kara. Finding an already strongly established Kibi ‘state’, possibly founded by immigrant chieftains, cousins of the Puyo¯, who had arrived in the Japanese peninsular in the early years of the third century and established themselves as the successors of the Yamatai rulers, and fierce resistance, they were obliged to bypass the Chugoku region and eventually in the mid-fifth century, reached the mouth of the Kumano river and eventually fought their way through the mountains to their final objective, the fertile Yamato basin between the Kumano massif in the south and present-day Nara.

Such a specialized, dispersed, and numerically small group gradually became redundant in the eyes of increasingly powerful chieftains who must, in the course of time, have sought to gather to themselves these ‘divine’ skills and rely on their own military judgement. A candidate for these shamanic-martial ‘advisers’ might be found in the rather nebulous and probably dispersed group named as the Yama-be, one of whose functions seemed to require them to act in the mountains, hence their name, possibly to give advance information to their Puyo¯-Yamato masters about unrest amongst the indigenous ‘Yemishi’ tribal groups with whom they undoubtedly came into contact.

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