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By Sammy Franco

This exhaustive selection of streetfighting secrets and techniques covers each element of writer Sammy Franco's eclectic, no-nonsense process of self-defense, from education and conditioning, the attributes of wrestle, and strategies and methods to really good parts resembling grappling, stick scuffling with, knives and firearms.

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At that point, an elaborate system of values was established. No longer could a dishonored gambler save face for his family by being killed. Now he had to contend with being crippled or maimed by the wrath of the Yakuza if he did not pay up. When the Ninja encountered this system, it had been in practice for centuries. It remained, however, somewhat crude and relied rather heavily on bone-breaking techniques. With their vast store of medical knowledge, the Ninja soon modified such "muscle" tactics.

To complete the takedown, step back with your left leg and pull his head down and back. This will stun him by inducing a whiplash type injury to the medulla at the base of the skull as the chin lift jerks his head back. Or, when the back of his head impacts the ground. For Sentry Removal purposes, he may be readily dragged out of sight by his chin without shifting your hold whatsoever. Or, move so that you are kneeling behind him and he is sitting by pulling down as his balance is broken such that he “sits down” jarringly on the mat.

They even built hollow buildings and constructed entire encampments and stockpiles so that Nazi aircraft would believe the invasion force was in one place while they were actually massing in another. Likewise, the German command was lulled into a false sense of security by the belief that their coastal defenses were impenetrable-which they almost were. In Ninjitsu, most of these techniques are referred to as echoes, since they require some feedback from the enemy to know if they are being effective.

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